Content Policy

Caampus, as a platform, allows signed in users to post content and message other users. There are no guidelines on what this content must be, however there are strict policies about what content cannot be posted. While posting its important to maintain respect for your peers and keep the platform enjoyable for everyone.

Prohibited and Unwelcome Content

While Caampus allows users to post content anonymously, all content is associated with you and Caampus staff and moderators have the unrestricted ability see the author of any post or comment. Caampus can and will issue warnings, suspensions, and bans to users that break these rules. Illegal content will be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

Content is prohibited if it:

Caampus holds a no tolerance policy for hate content on its platform, any content falling under this category will be removed, and the author will be issed with appropiate action.


There are several ways we enforce our policies, including:

Feel free to contact the moderation team at